Hydrolat Anti Blemish Tonic


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Nothing can ruin your day faster than the appearance of a blemish. To send them straight back where they came from, keep our highly effective tonic at hand. Designed to eliminate breakouts before they surface, clear pores and regulate sebum production, the Hydrolat Anti Blemish tonic will save the day.

Salicylic Acid works to clear dead skin from pores, preventing or relieving breakouts and gently exfoliating. Meanwhile Rosemary Hydrolat soothes skin; calms irritation and Kojic Acid targets post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and Colloidal Silver combats blemishes with its purifying properties.

Ideal for everyday application, or as a targeted spot treatment for breakouts on the chest and back, this tonic can also be used for oily skin to control shine throughout the day. Perfect for post- shaving, it will help to reduce inflamed follicles and treat the appearance of in-growing hairs. Now, whatever’s on your mind, it won’t be breakouts.

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