Celestial Black Diamond Cream


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This superstar investment piece is for complexions that show more advanced signs of ageing. An intensive, luxurious moisturiser for adding science-led indulgence to your routine, day or night.

Our potent cocktail is a concentrated formula that provides the most intense results. It includes clinical grade skin-renewing ingredients: brightening Liquorice Root, strengthening Centella Asiatica, and Hyaluronic Acid which dramatically rehydrates skin. All that plus Dr Yannis’ unique NAC Y²™ formula, providing intensive antioxidant protection and the optimum environment for collagen production and improved elasticity for improved texture and skin tone.

Gift yourself an out-of-this-world complexion with this incredible cream that resurrects dry, dehydrated and mature skin. Or even use it as a day cream when your complexion needs protecting the most from the harshest environments.

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